Our Vision

To be a national professional financial advisory business which focuses mainly on the needs of professionally qualified people.

Our Mission

To manage fund of funds on behalf of our clients with various risk profiles, within at least the three main asset classes, nl. Equities, Alternative Assets and Offshore Assets, actively with a macro top-down approach with specific reference to share market crashes (see Investment Approach par 9 for more info on our contrarian approach).

Kanaan Trust is an approved category I and IIA asset manager (FSP licence number: 528).

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Core Values
History and Performance Record


Germany: Dead Economy Walking
www.zerohedge.com - 2019-04-11
The Germans are industrial and exporting powerhouses. And the trends for those two things have been in decline for over a year.

The DA treating Zille with disdain may backfire in elections
citizen.co.za - 2019-04-07
Nevertheless, Zille’s political achievements, on behalf of her party, the city of Cape Town where she was mayor, and the Western Cape where she has been premier for a decade, are remarkable by any objective measure. And, unlike Zuma, she remains untaint

Zuma was allegedly hiding $30m in his bunker at Nkandla – report
citizen.co.za - 2019-04-06
The Sunday Times has reported that then president Jacob Zuma not only allegedly agreed to keep the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s millions in safekeeping for him and his family in 2011, he hung on to the stash of dollars for years after ...

Negative Interest Rate Insanity Is Behind Western Europe's New Tallest Skyscrape
www.zerohedge.com - 2019-04-06
Many famous record-breaking skyscrapers were planned and built in boom times right before a severe economic bust – this is known as the “Skyscraper Curse.”

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