Our Vision

To be a national professional financial advisory business which focuses mainly on the needs of professionally qualified people.

Our Mission

To manage fund of funds on behalf of our clients with various risk profiles, within at least the three main asset classes, nl. Equities, Alternative Assets and Offshore Assets, actively with a macro top-down approach with specific reference to share market crashes (see Investment Approach par 9 for more info on our contrarian approach).

Kanaan Trust is an approved category I and IIA asset manager (FSP licence number: 528).

Professional Financial Advice
Core Values
History and Performance Record


Offshore diversification: a long-term strategy, not a kneejerk reaction
www.biznews.com - 2019-01-25
at Carrick we are comfortable with a split of two thirds offshore (consisting of long-term savings and some medium-term discretionary savings), and one third onshore (made up of the investor’s residential property plus local provident and retirement fun

Trump plays State of the Union chicken with Nancy Pelosi
www.axios.com - 2019-01-23
As Axios' Jonathan Swan reported Wednesday morning, the White House wants to make Pelosi go ahead with the speech or formally rescind the invitation.

Father of index funds, Vanguard founder John Bogle dies aged 89
www.biznews.com - 2019-01-18
John Bogle, in many ways, was more than just the founder of Vanguard. He was a pioneer who went about acting on his vision and upending the investment industry for years to come

10 things you REALLY need to know about the world economy in 2019
www.biznews.com - 2019-01-08
India, China and the US will continue to show higher growth than the rest of the world, as will the whole of Africa, is the expectation

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